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About 4% USA Realty

We are a full service Real Estate Company that takes great pride in helping you sell your home for the most money possible, and/or helping you purchase the home that fulfills your dream. We charge a lower commission rate than the standard 6% because we can. We don’t have the overhead that many traditional offices have because we work from a home office. Sure, we could charge what everyone else does, but that just doesn’t seem fair.

Don’t be mislead - our lower price does not limit the service we provide in any way. We are a FULL SERVICE company. We provide full service from listing date all the way through closing. We conduct a market analysis to help you determine the right price for your property. We place your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by Realtors throughout the United States and in various local, regional, and national publications as well as 40+ internet affiliates. We always cooperate with other agents so if they bring a buyer for your home they will receive a 2% commission so your property enjoys all the advantages of MLS and the savings offered by 4% USA Realty.


Ed & Darlene Zmuda are life long residents of Western Massachusetts. Ed graduated from Putnam Vocational High School. Darlene graduated from West Springfield High School and Bay Path College. Married in 1994, they make their home in historic Springfield. Ed has been at the top of his game for a number of prominent, high-end companies but never felt like he was genuinely helping and making a difference. In 2004, he took the risk and left his well-paying job for the opportunity to help others achieve the American Dream. He knew it wasn’t necessary for home ownership to be so cost prohibitive and knew he could charge less and help more. Darlene has helped many companies achieve great success by building and managing their needs. She felt the calling of real estate in 2003 and dabbled part-time but eventually she could not deny the joy it brought her. In 2006, they established 4% USA Realty and knew that life just got sweeter. Their son is very involved with sports and this lifestyle allows them, not only the ability to help many, but also to enjoy life’s greatest pleasure: family.

Edward Zmuda

Lic# 9544993

Ed Zmuda
Darlene Zmuda

Darlene Zmuda

Lic# 9077794

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